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Welcome to SUNMAN-BIRDEM Pharma Ltd.
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    SBP is an equity venture with joint partnership between SUNMAN Group and Diabetic Association of Bangladesh (BADAS).

    Established in 1975, SUNMAN has pioneered the industrialisation of Bangladesh and was one of the founders of the RMG (Ready-made garments) sector. With over 35000 people working in its garments division alone, SUNMAN is now an industrial powerhouse. Since then they have branched out to multiple sectors including financial institutes, fisheries, Beverage industries, CNG pumps, airlines and furniture industries. Major (Retd.) Abdul Mannan, renowned as a pioneering Industrialist, politician and spectacular businessman is the Chairman of SUNMAN group.

    BIRDEM (Bangladesh Institute of Research and Rehabilitation for Diabetes, Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders) has the largest diabetic out-patient turnover in the world in a single space. Multiple International relations have prompted the institute the status as one of the leading research centres worldwide. BIRDEM is recognised by the World Health Organisation as a Collaborating Centre for Research on Prevention and Control of Diabetes, a unique achievement for a non-European institute.

    BIRDEM’s pursuit of bringing high quality medication to patients meant they were constantly searching for an adequate and pharmaceutical company. This lead to the joint efforts of SUNMAN group and BIRDEM to create a world class facility and production of Quality medication that would meet the standards of the best in the industry.

    The facility has been constructed by the supervision and guidance of the UK MHRA Consultant. The Standard Operating Procedure of manufacturing method has been duly authenticated by the International expert and it is practiced in our manufacturing operation. A British Pharmacist, Former Managing Director of GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) Bill McKean is the CCO (Chief Consulting Officer) of SBP.

    • Products are formulated bioequivalent to the Originator Brand

    • Quality is built into every stage of Product Processing

    • All production and QC equipments are matched to the latest cGMP Requirements

    • All staffs are vigorously trained in the use of equipment and application of all cGMP Documentation.

    • Active materials and Excipients have been purchased from validated sources mainly from Europe

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    Hello and welcome to the SUNMAN-BIRDEM website.

    SUNMAN-BIRDEM Pharma Ltd. was started by the joint efforts between two of the biggest names in their respective fields. SUNMAN group was a visionary industrial group that pioneered the readymade garments sector in Bangladesh and BIRDEM is the biggest medical research facility of the nation under Diabetic Association of Bangladesh (BADAS).

    Here at SUNMAN-BIRDEM Pharma, we strictly follow cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) and the partnership facilitated the making of a most modern laboratory and storage facility while still managing to keep products affordable. With an ever growing workforce and empowered professionals we strive to change the image of the healthcare system in Bangladesh.

    SUNMAN-BIRDEM Pharma Ltd. is an ever-expanding pharmaceutical company that reaches out to the needs of a developing nation by identifying gaps in the healthcare sector and finding innovative ways to address them. Our customer focused approach to business means that all our effort goes into improving the lives of people and allowing them to continue to be healthy. We put the needs of our customers first and strive to make products that will be affordable for all, therefore no one would be left helpless when in need of healthcare. We believe that healthcare should not be a burden to anyone but rather a basic human right.

    We believe that building a transparent and coherent relation between all the employees, consumers and stakeholders results in creating and sustaining our core values: passion, perfection and a promise to maintain a high ethical code of conduct. This induces sustainable growth of the company, employees and the community.

    We also understand that the need for products of the highest quality available to consumers transcends all others when it comes to healthcare. We met this need by creating a cutting edge, state of the art facility that is governed and guided by an expert & supervisor of UK MHRA and follow cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing practices) is followed in every step of the manufacturing and storage processes.

    Through hard work, innovation and the blessings of the ALMIGHTY and all those that wish us well, we at SUNMAN-BIRDEM Pharma aspire to become frontrunners in bringing the highest quality healthcare products to consumers and by sticking to our values, we are taking a large step towards making healthcare affordable for all.

    All of us working with SBP have to contribute to the success story of SUNMAN-BIRDEM Pharma Ltd. and we are committed to set high standards with creating milestone in both National and International level.

    Thank you for taking the time to visit us.

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• Enable people to lead normal, healthy lives through innovation and quality healthcare.


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