As an industrial group, Sunman stands out because of its obsession for quality and commitment. Ever since its inception, an uncompromising stance in adherence to ethical standard made Sunman’s position unique amongst its patrons. Once the journey started, we never looked back and remained steadfast in our commitment to excel. We aimed at creating value by maintaining higher quality of products. Armed with confidence and strengthened by the support of our patrons we kept on building capacity to satisfy the growing need of our overseas buyers without allowing the process to slow down. Globalization leading to stiffer competition in the overseas market notwithstanding, demand for Sunman’s product showed continuous upward trend resulting in growth much in excess of the sectoral growth.

It gives me immense satisfaction to mention that today the Group is a household name in Bangladesh garments and textiles sector. Starting with a garment manufacturing unit, the group not only has attained the position of a leading exporter of the country but could occupy an eminent position in the industrial and business area of Bangladesh. With a substantial investment in textile and other related areas, the activities of Sunman Group encompasses all vital sectors of the economy including Aviation, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Mechanized, Deep Sea Fishing, Real Estate & Commercial Construction, Financial Services sector etc. The group by now have already created enough opportunity to employ ore than 26,000 employees while the implementation of ongoing projects will create additional employment for 10,000 workers, thereby making Sunman Group a pioneer in job creation.

Side by side with expansion and diversification we remain committed to workers welfare who in fact are the pillars of our success. The market goodwill and customer satisfaction earned by the group clearly reflects our workers’ devotion and determination to make Sunman a leading group in the country. While deeply appreciating each of the worker’s contribution in our growth and success, as Group Chairman, I would like to reiterate our fundamental policy of building a Sunman Family combining all workers and employees of the group for their greater welfare. In this connection mention may be made about other ongoing schemes covering education, poverty alleviation and various other activities as being financed and managed by the group. These are in line with our principles of corporate social responsibility (CSR) directly benefiting the poor and common village population of the society.

The phenomenal growth in the Group activities have enabled us to take up some mega projects in the field of infrastructural development. Our aim is also directed towards greater expansion beyond the borders of the country, thus helping the group to attain a real multinational status. Our vision and policy direction necessary demands a corporate structure so that the growing core activities of the group and its future expansion can be managed and executed professionally and efficiently. Building an ideal corporate structure follow the principles of good governance and transparency. Our good intentions have been the founding strength of Sunman Group.